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About County Parks

This site provides a means of finding campgrounds in county parks in the US. Many campers and RVers agree that county parks are the best kept secrets in camping or RVing! They often offer camping in neat settings and usually at bargain prices, especially when compared to RV resorts. But until now, these county parks have been hard to find. The goal of this site is to help campers find these gems of the outdoors so they can be enjoyed by more RVers and campers.

The Problem With County Parks

All states have subdivisions called counties (or parishes). And most counties in our beautiful country have parks for the recreation, including camping, of their residents and visitors. Unfortunately, the mere existance of these parks seems to be one of the governments' best kept secrets. The reasons for this are understandable:

The county is far less recognizable by the general public than are cities or states. As a result, county parks are not easy to locate. An RVer from Indiana, for example, who is travelling West is highly unlikely to know the counties in Iowa through which he will travel.

Because counties themselves enjoy such a low profile, their parks are all but impossible to locate unless one is willing to devote a considerable amount of time searching for them or has inside knowledge of the parks.

The Solution

Everyone knows which state he will be in, and usually knows or can easily determine the highway on which he will travel. From this, he can usually determine the area in which he would like to camp. For example, he might determine that a location along Federal Highway 12 in Western Minnesota would be a conveninet place to spend a night. A locating system which would show the county parks with camping in this area would be very useful.

The Vision For This Site

The "fondest dream" for this site is that it will allow a visitor to locate a county park with camping facillities in a specific area of interest simply by looking at a map and clicking

It will also include links to county sites which may provide additional details on their parks.

Ads of interest to RVers or campers are also be included.

Current Status Of This Site

This site will never be complete. There are simply too many county parks! To begin providing service to fellow RVers, this site was opened in 2010 with a few county parks listed. Parks of which the webmaster has personal knowledge or has found by browsing, parks which have been suggested by other RVers, etc. have been and will continue to be added. Also, there are links to other sites which provide or lead to county park information. (This info isn't as easy to find as one might think, therefore this site, as it grows, will be very useful to the RVer and camper.)

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